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about koh phangan

Koh Phangan or Phangan island is one of the idyllic islands which lies to the north of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. The distance from Koh Samui’s nearest part is 12 kilometers. Koh Phangan is the largest island in the small archipelago of 6 islands — Phangan, Tao, Tae Nok, Tae Nai, Ma and Nang Yuan. The charm and appeal of Koh Phangan lies in its rustic and laid back environment/ambience. One cannot fully describe the wonderful experience at Koh Phangan; one has to experience it first-hand and a stay at Pariya Haad Yuan will do just that.

Koh Phangan is about two-thirds the size of Koh Samui with a mix of sandy coves and rugged forested interior. Two-thirds of Koh Phangan is taken up by a long mountain ridge which is covered with a dense tropical rain forest that is still relatively unexplored. On one side of Koh Phangan, the mountains drop steeply into the sea while on the other side has picturesque bays with snowy white sandy beach. Koh Phangan is internationally famous for its Full Moon Parties, for which travellers and renowned DJs from all over the world converge every month. Sometimes known as the “Land of the Coconuts”, the fascinating natural beauty of the beaches is a key reason to travel to Koh Phangan. It is thus not surprising that “there is a beach for every type of beach lover”.

The port town of Thong Sala is the largest village on Koh Phangan and is considered “the front” of Koh Phangan because it is the main trading centre, and where most government departments are located. It is also the main transportation center as it provides boat connections to the nearby islands like Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan and other beaches on Koh Phangan. Restaurants, guest houses & locally-owned resorts, travel companies, car / motorbike rental companies are also available. For more information on Koh Phangan and its nearby islands, visit the many websites that provide information on this unique island or contact the resort. (please note that the resort is not responsible for the information found on these websites)

travel tips

Enjoying Pariya Haad Yuan Koh Phangan

The essence of the experience is in its tranquil and simplistic environment and that one should simply relax and just take it easy.
Ignore the need to be constantly connected to the world. Rediscover yourself. Rejuvenate your senses. Revitalize your life. Find yourself.

The resort was not designed with luxury in mind; it is simply a cozy boutique beach resort to help you relax and unwind.

So, here’s the Top Ten Tips (from our guests) on enjoying Pariya Haad Yuan Koh Phangan:

1. Relax; take it easy and rest your mind
2. Laugh, smile and take more selfies
3. Enjoy the boat ride (water splashing) / car ride (bumps on the road) => it is part of the adventure
4. Walk barefoot and have a dip in the sea
5. Chill out => enjoy that cold beer or your favorite cocktail
6. Pamper yourself with an aromatic spa session
7. Participate in a sea activity (snorkeling, fishing, etc)
8. Enjoy a romantic dinner
9. Admire the beauty of nature, the sea, the sound of the waves, the wind
10. Make new friends

full moon party

fullmoon party koh phangan

Rin Nok Beach or Haad Rin Nok is internationally known for its Full Moon Parties. This spot is ranked as the third most beautiful place in the world to view the full moon. It is not surprising that a great number of tourists from all over the world flock here to take part in the famous celebration every full moon night.

Refer to the various website links providing more information on the Full Moon Parties at Koh Phangan.

Pariya Haad Yuan Koh Phangan is just one bay area away from Haad Rin Beach! “Close but not too close”; that’s why our guests like to stay with us.

Full Moon Party Dates

MONTH January February March April May June July August September October November December
2016 23rd 23rd 22nd 21st 21st 19th 17th 18th 16th 16th 14th 14th
2017 12th 12th 12th 11th 11th 9th 10th 7th 5th 6th 3th 3th
2018 1st & 31st 23rd 2nd & 31st 29th 30th 27th 29th 26th 24th 25th 22nd 22nd


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